Friday, March 1, 2013

Orientation week

So here is another group of fresh-faced, occasionally terrified looking student teachers! What a week for them. Here on the last day of orientation I am sure their brains must be pretty fried and can only hope that some of what I am about to share about Moodle will go in - even if it is only how to log in and find the how-to video :)

Orientation is always a good time for me to remember what this shift in identity is like for these new teachers and to reflect on the effectiveness of my teaching at this time. This year the orientation process is very close to home as my youngest settles into a full time Adv Dip Ballet  programme in Melbourne. Scary stuff.

So welcome to you all. Try and float above the scary feelings. Look after yourselves as you would your best friend. And make use of all the amazing support here at Unitec.

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