Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back at work and ready to Blog

So here I am back in the office. Having updated both my electronic and paper calendars for the years teaching, caught up on emails and atypical assignment marking, I have now decided to be brave and plunge back into my Blog. But it is not a New Years Resolution! They always fail. Just one item I can tick off my list of post-thesis "things I want to do".

I may change the name of this Blog later but for now I am not certain what this will morph into.

I expect to use this space as a portal to other Blogs and websites related to ECE and will happily look at any suggestions for these. Feel free to suggest your own Blogs if they are relevant.

I may well add some reflections on my own teaching as well as comments on political challenges in NZ ECE. There is little chance that these comments will always be balanced or completely objective. They don't have to be. This is a personal Blog sharing personal views.

I will also share reviews of interesting books and articles as I read them.

I can see that people are still visiting this Blog quite often. What do you want or expect to find when you end up here? Talk to me. What are you currently reading or researching that relates to ECE? Or to Education in general?



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