Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuakana-Teina DVD

There is a DVD available that looks at the concept of Tuakana-Teina relationships in early childhood education settings. It was created by Massey University and Wycliffe Nga Tamariki Kindergarten as a part of the Centre of Innovation work.

The DVD is reviewed by Bev Clark in Early Education journal V44 Spring/Summer pp. 30-31

The Dvd discusses Tuakana Teina as a concept and compares this to the idea of scaffolding, looking at the differences between these ideas which come up so often in discussions with Centres.

The image of a waka is woven through discussion, looking at the importance of recognising roles and responsibilities of every member of the teaching and learning community.

The DVD contains a number of case study video clips from the Kindergarten which illustrate the ideas being discussed.

This is a great resource that would be a 'must see' for all early childhood teachers and educators and at $15 is incredibly affordable.

You can order the DVD by writing to School of Educational Studies
Massey College of Education
Private Bag 11 222
Palmerston North

or email T.D.Beattie@massey.ac.nz

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Here is a handout promised at today's seminar.

If you use this or share it, please acknowledge the Professional Development teams at the University of Auckland Faculty of Education.

Video cameras monitoring in ece centres

At our Seminar today a centre mentioned that they are using Tiny Telly to inform families about their child's day in the centre.

Lots of interesting questions arise about this.

Visits to Mangere Bridge Kindergarten

I noticed tonight that Mangere Bridge Kindergarten are advertising an evening visit opportunity on Monday 22nd June 2009.This is great for those teachers who find it hard to attend their daytime sessions. You have to book a place and these will fill quickly'

Having been to one of their visits I can thoroughly reccommend this.

Mangere Bridge are a centre of Innovation looking at Transition to school and their story is really inspiring and peppered with practical ideas.

For more information, go to their website. A permanent link to their site is on the right of this blog page.

Seminar thank yous

Thanks to all those teachers who came to our Seminar today. We hope that today came up to your expectations and that you have left with at least one practical idea each that you can use to create better learning opportunities for children.

Thank you for sharing your portfolios and ideas with us all.

Thanks must also go to the teaching team from Whangaparoa Baptist Kindergarten who so generously shared the work they did with Barbara last year as part of a Kei Tua o te Pae Professional Learning programme. What an inspiring group you are!