Monday, August 17, 2009

Still here!

Yes there has been a huge gap with no posts but we are all still here for now . Our contract with the Ministry continues until the end of this year.

This blog has been a bit schizoid as we explored what it might become, what its purpose might be. With the knowledge now that it will end along with the contract in a few short months we may try some new ideas.

So far it seems to have worked well as a portal for people with an interest in NZ ECE Assessment. Lots of our visitors are accessing other websites through us - centres of innovation, ICT PL Centres, NEtsafe, and the Ministry of Education pages.

What we have not done is put up a lot of information about assessment or the Kei Tua o te Pae resource itself. This is not a part of our contract and so blogging hours are not funded but are seen instead as a part of our personal professional development and even as a bit of collaboration at times.

We may continue to use this space to share interesting sites and discussions.With no responses to a recent survey, or comments to posts, it is hard to knoppw what people are looking for and what visitors would like to see here. (Hint hint).

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