Tuesday, January 20, 2009


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As the new year begins we are planning the next few months here at EDtalks. We are endeavouring to ensure that the video clips are relevant to teachers and schools; issues, innovations, research and talks that can be used to start group discussions, or maybe just provide you with new ideas or perhaps contact people. We welcome your suggestions for interviews or conversations that meet your needs. As well as the two or three clips regularly uploaded each week we will be at the New Zealand ICTPD conference, Learning@School (http://learningatschool.org.nz/) in February, where we intend to record a large number of participants and presenters in EDTalks conversations. These will appear over the first half of 2009. A note about quality - the EDtalks video clips are recorded in HD and are then converted automatically to flash when uploaded to the website. You are free to download them as MP4 files onto your hard drive, or subscribe through iTunes and view them that way. In both cases the video quality will be better than using the player on the website. All the best for 2009 from the EDTalks team.

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