Thursday, November 27, 2008

tag galaxy

This is one of the coolest things ever!!!

Especially if you have used Flikr for your photos.

You dont need to sign up, just go the the web and follow the prompts. When hte planets show up, click on them or the sun and watch what happens!

Applications - gee I dont know. But the children will love it as much as I do. Its magical. I dont have any photos on Flikr but am working at home today so will put some up via my home computer, making sure to add tags that this site could find.

I tried Auckland, education, (assessment and Kei tua o te Pae dont work as tags) and Whedon (being a Joss Whedon fan).

Shame my allotted breakfast playtime is over. Cant wait to get back to this maybe tonight!
Have fun


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